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Save your PIN codes

on pin cards

A personal identification number (a PIN code) is a numeric password of 4-digits given to you from your bank to get access to you account with debit and credit cards.


For you SIM card in you smartphone you have a pin code from you mobile company in order to get access to you smart phone.


So undoubtedly you have many PIN codes for your smart phones, bank and credit cards to remember, maybe also pin codes for you family.


  • The PIN Key allows you to create and save up to 18 PIN card in your smartphone.


  • Each PIN card is stored in the memory of your smartphone.


  • The PIN cards are only a graphic files stored in your smart phone.


  • Your pin codes is not stored anywhere.


  • All the PIN cards as files are available from a folder in the phone memory.


  • The PIN Key offer you 6 different color pattern to choose from.


  • With a USB cable you PIN cards can be saved to your laptop/PC.


  • It allows you to protect your PIN cards in a backup in case something happens to you smartphone.


  • You PIN cards can then be print out and you can bring you PIN cards with you in paper form.