The PIN Key

The PIN Key -

what is it

The PIN Key is a pin code reminder for smartphones that help you to memo- rize and remember your pin codes by using PIN cards as you can see in the display of you smart phone.

  • The PIN Key exploits the fact that you brain recognizes patterns better than it remembers digits.


  • The PIN Key uses color patterns to hide pin codes.


  • The output is a PIN card with randomized color and digits.


  • In Northern Europe some banks offers a paper solution to customers using color pattern cards


  • The security is that only you know the selected pattern.

You probably have many PIN codes for the SIM card in your smartphones plus some bank and credit cards, maybe also for you family.

  • The PIN Key give you the possibility to have up to 18 PIN cards in you smart phone and you can scroll them vertical on the display.


  • All the PIN cards are only graphic files saved in the memory of your snart-phone.


  • If someone gets access to your PIN cards they will only see 40 digits, randomly placed.


  • Only you know the hidden pattern and you will easily recognize your PIN codes out from the pattern.