Check Bluetooth

Check Bluetooth -

Name and Company

With Check Bluetooth you can keep track of your Bluetooth devices because Check Bluetooth connects the Bluetooth name with the company name of devices with Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth name from the manufacture is not always self-explaining therefore Check Bluetooth offers you a connection between name and company of Bluetooth devices; this is done by using the Bluetooth address, also called MAC address.

With Check Bluetooth you can scan all your Bluetooth devices around you, e.g. in your home.

All scanned devices will be stored in a database, so that you later can keep track of all your Bluetooth devices. You also get information about the Bluetooth power level of the remote devices.

Check Bluetooth allows you to remove Bluetooth devices from the database or remove them all.

E.g. when you have Bluetooth connected or paired two Bluetooth devices by name, then you will know the company names of the paired devices.

Check Bluetooth gives you also a separate list of the Bluetooth devices that your device is connected or paired with via Bluetooth.

It is with both Bluetooth name and which company name your device is bluetooth connected with.