A15Puzzle -

a sliding puzzle game

With A15Puzzle you get an easy game which you can play with yourself to see how fast you are on time in completing the four levels of difficulty.

If you need to spend some quality time with yourself in your quiet moments A15Puzzle is just the game you need.

With A15 Puzzle you can start at a beginner level which you can finish in a minute.

A15Puzzle offers you frames of numbered squares in random order with one square missing. The goal of it is to place the squares in ascending order from left to right and from top to bottom, starting with number 1 in the upper left corner and ending with a blank space in the lower right corner.

With A 15 Puzzle you can leave an ongoing game at any time and start again from this point.

A15Puzzle is based on the historical 15-puzzle game, also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square etc. which appeared approximately around 1880.

According to history, the first sliding puzzle game was presented by a Noyes Palmer Chapman, who was postmaster in Canastota, New York.

It is said that he had presented a model as early as 1874 to some of his friends.

The 15-Puzzle became quickly a craze and most of the15-puzzle games were designed as square boxes with corresponding numbered wooden squares.

The game was started by emptying the box for game squares and then placing the squares back in random order.

Because of the random starting line-up not all 15-puzzle games could be solved. But with A15Puzzle you will always be able to complete a game.